Timothy Ching


Director | Senior Financial Planner

My passion is to enrich my clients’ financial resource pool through education. I’m driven to turn real, personalised advice into tangible wealth creation. By showing my clients simple yet effective ways to improve their financial situation, I’m bringing them one step closer to living the life they’ve always wanted. After graduating with a Bachelor of Mathematics and Finance from the University of Technology Sydney, I jumped head first into a career in Financial Markets. I spent the next 11 years learning from the best Stock Broking and Funds Management firms. The variety and complexity of the markets was incredibly formative for me, but the knowledge felt wasted unless I was helping people; Financial Planning became my clear calling. I’m here to flip the script: to change the industry’s tendency to rattle people with unnecessary technical language. The one commonality I’ve identified in my career is that regardless of status and financial literacy, we can all use a bit of help. We can all use someone slightly removed from the sensitivities of the situation, who enact strong foundations to empower you to control your finances, and exceed your goals: that’s where I come in.

Stefan Duro

Director | Senior Financial Planner

What I enjoy most as a Financial Planner is getting to know my clients and tailoring a financial plan to achieve their financial goals. It is great to be able to go through the advice process and see a client become more financially secure, which ultimately leads to their ability to retire with the lifestyle they wanted. I spent the early stages of my career immersed in the realm of self-employment, running and growing a family business. It was here that I learnt the importance of exceeding client expectations and delivering a service that people expected and would be comfortable to recommend to their family and friends. After enjoying those successes, I graduated with a Bachelor of Financial Advising and entered the Financial Planning industry. I have spent the past few years instilling in people the importance of financial education that can be captured through the financial advice process. Life is unpredictable, at any given moment, happiness can turn to urgency, our financial positions can change in a heartbeat. My biggest imperative is to empower people with the peace of mind to know that their finances are arranged to overcome anything life throws at them. I look forward to sitting down with you and your family.